These playlists are good for working, driving, camping, space exploration, demogorgon-hunting, etc.


glitch gang

Best for: downloading leaked music on limewire, doing hoodrat things with your friends, or resuscitating a tamagotchi.


Astral Plane

Best for: musical accompaniment for incantations and lunar séances.



Best for: contemplation, meditation, communion, confession, deconstruction, and excommunication.


Space Odyssey

Best for: the feeling of g-forces pressing you into your seat followed by the weightless tranquility of space.


Young Summer

Best for: skateboarding sessions, road trips to the beach, and afternoons at the pool.


Something Stranger

Best for: riding your bike through the neighborhood on halloween night, chasing demogorgons, hunting ghosts, or catching a movie with your rabbit sidekick.



Best for: driving along the coast, hanging out on the pier watching the tide go out, afternoon longboarding sessions, and fish tacos.


Go Forth

Best for: mountain driving, traversing the high seas, or sauntering quietly through the woods.



Best for: fireside chats in the woods, falling asleep in a tent, quiet nights reading, fly fishing, and all other outdoor adventures.


Good Winter

Best for: cold, snowy (or rainy) days inside next to the fire, a cup of coffee, an old book, and the feeling of blood returning to your fingertips.


Autumn Comes & Autumn Leaves

Best for: driving with the windows down on a crisp day, splitting firewood, and drinking a hot toddy.