Stream Fleet Foxes' New Album a Week Early

Fleet Foxes new album is available to stream a week early on NPR. This would have been my most anticipated album of 2017 if The National and Arcade Fire weren't also releasing albums this year, but I'm excited for this album to say the least. It's been six years since Fleet Foxes released Helplessness Blues, so I had marked my calendar for next Friday to finally hear some new material from them, but thanks to NPR, we can hear it a week early.

I've listened to it once through this morning already, and I already love it. It's the same Fleet Foxes we've come to know and love, but this album seems a little more experimental, a little more abstract. Where their first album was very straightforward, almost choral, and their sophomore release was a bit more folksy, Crack-Up seems to explore more inconsistent rhythms to form medleys and groupings. It all operates well as a cohesive piece, but seems a bit more diverse in terms of thematic and stylistic elements while still remaining true to that classic Fleet Foxes sound.

I'm still really enjoying the single that was released earlier this year. I imagine it'll shape up to be one of my favorites from the album:

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