HEX coffee


Finally got around to picking up a box of these new beans from the boys over at HEX coffee. It's got a really nice flavor, and I like the idea of supporting a super local group of folks doing great work, and my favorite part is their emphasis on good design. It's not just an afterthought, it's at the forefront of their brand, designed by local designer Eric Hurtgen. I've been following these boys since they were doing pop-up shops around the queen city, and I'm really glad to see their business taking off now that they've got a permanent space in Good Bottle Co. (which is worth visiting if you also enjoy the brewing of hops)
HEX is all about good coffee and good design, my favorite combo. I highly recommend that you order their roasts online, but if you're in the area, it's worth stopping by the shop in person.

CoffeeJosh AbeComment